Hi, I'm Nic. I love to travel. It gives me the opportunity to learn about other places, other cultures, the world — and it affords me an escape from my ordinary life. Follow my journey as I share what I love, where I've been, and what I've learned along the way.

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Next Stop: Great Britain + Spain

Next Stop: Great Britain + Spain

This is technically cheating — as we’re already over here.

But we’re going to be in Europe for an entire month. Well, 28 days if we’re being technical. 28 days of wandering to obscure pieces of architecture, eating (nearly) everything that’s not bolted down, and discovering as many new places, things and people as humanly possible.

We’ve never been gone this long before — the current record is 21 days, and that was four years ago. Four years ago, we were killing time in free galleries and stretching 5€ as long as we could — we’re lucky enough to be able to splurge a little more on this trip, and get a little further outside of our normal constraints. We’re also planning a wedding (ours) and attending a wedding (our dear friend Biba’s) — so it will prove to be such a meaningful and emotional escape from normality. We’re trying to push all of our boundaries — new countries (at least for me), new neighborhoods, new transit methods (I somehow agreed to drive up and down what seems like the entire island of Great Britain), new cuisines — while managing a brand-new dietary restriction as well.

You may notice I haven’t quite finished writing about our last trip... That’s coming soon, I promise.(There’s also a trip to Mexico City squished in between that’s on the to-do list.)As mentioned in the prologue to this post, it’s been an exceptionally long and stressful few months — extreme highs and lows, stress on stress on stress. It felt a bit like we skidded onto the plane to London, only able to catch our collective breath once we were airborne.

This is truly our great escape — and although we will indeed be returning in 28 days, we will surely be functionally new people upon that return. Full of inspiration, ideas, and stories — and hopefully with a dearth of anxiety, stress, and apprehensions.

I can’t wait to share. See you soon.

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Swift and Slow

Swift and Slow