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Essentials — The Dopp Kit

Essentials — The Dopp Kit

As a part of my daypack, I always carry a dopp kit of sorts — packed with things that come in handy when I'm on a plane or wandering through a city. It's not exhaustive or meant to replace a full cosmetic bag — but it's perfect to keep close, no matter where you're headed.

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1 Flight 001 Carry-on Quart Bag2 Jason Wu for Caudalie Beauty Elixir3 Gaia Fresh Breath Spray4 Acure Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes5 Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes — 6 Colgate Wisp Mini-Brushes7 Plus Lip Hydrate, Double — 8 Everyone Hand Sanitizer Gel

1 The first step is the Flight 001 quart bag. It's exactly a quart, so it gets through security easily, but it's obviously a touch sturdier than a sandwich bag. It's also clear (duh) so I can see exactly what I have — and what I need more of.

2 This natural "beauty elixir" has made even the longest flight feel (slightly) like a spa day. Spritz a bit of this on your weary face after a grueling segment to get rid of face shine. It's marketed towards women, but the all-natural scent is fairly unisex (and delicious).

3 Did you eat too many Danish hot dogs, resplendent with onions and remoulade? A quick spray or three of this breath spray will always do the trick. Warning: it's pretty intense — the thyme / ginger / mint / prickly ash thoroughly destroys bad breath, but it could be mistaken for a shot of obscure Swiss bitters.

4 Face wipes are another weapon in my arsenal against face sweat. After several trips to humid locales, these have become a lifesaver — no more sweaty-faced lunches after wandering around. Argan oil is a wonderful emollient, too — protecting your skin from humidity and temperature swings while traveling. Note: don't freak out (like I did) after noticing how much pollution comes off on these wipes!

5 I always wear my glasses on overnight / redeye flights, so that I can sleep as needed. Between the in-flight meal (or most likely, the free packet of peanuts) and the grimy surfaces of a plane interior, my glasses are frequently smudged. These lens wipes are always within reach for that very reason. They are also handy for cleaning phone screens and lenses — although, don't do it too frequently as repeated use of alcohol on oleophobic phone screens (like the iPhone) can be damaging to the coating.

6 Disposable mini-toothbrushes are fairly wasteful, yes — but being able to go a bit further than breath spray is sometimes very necessary.

7 Disclaimer: I'm a partner in this skin care company — but I'm obsessed with this lip balm. Super-minty, and super-emollient thanks to emu oil. I get dehydrated easily, and when that happens, my lips get chapped instantly. This is the perfect solution.

8 I know, I know — hand sanitizer is bad. But sometimes you need to feel a touch cleaner than you are — say, after raising and lowering an airline tray table a few times while stuck in the middle seat on a flight. This one smells great and doesn't have any nasty extras.

There's my essential dopp kit! It's gotten me through many trips — hopefully this post can help you create your own. As with all of these Essentials posts, I'll periodically come back through and edit as I find new things I cannot travel without!




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