Hi, I'm Nic. I love to travel. It gives me the opportunity to learn about other places, other cultures, the world — and it affords me an escape from my ordinary life. Follow my journey as I share what I love, where I've been, and what I've learned along the way.

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Letter 003

Letter 003


I obsessively keep journals whenever we travel — they've become repositories of secrets / knowledge / mistakes / receipts / museum brochures / scribbled hotel room floorplans. Dinner on 21 September, 2015? Le Pré aux Clercs, Saint-Germain, Paris. Tartare de bœuf, Côtes du Rhône. 

These journals have become a series of curated guidebooks for me — where to return to, and where to forget next time. What we ordered at that bar on the corner, how to get into that famous building, where to buy a SIM card. On top of that, I'm a designer — so many of these places were sought out for their spatial quality, or their contribution to architecture / design as a whole. don't worry though, as often travel is about where to get a great sandwich, no matter what the café looks like — and I am all about a great sandwich.


Chouf Chouf is the next step — publishing all of these secrets and guidelines for all. You'll find architecture and design guides / restaurant recommendations / hotel tips and reviews / our favorite shops / practical how-to guides I wished I'd had / products I love when I'm traveling / curated playlists — alongside interviews, tips and guides from friends across the globe.

Stay tuned — I have so much to share, and can't wait for everyone to follow along on our future travels!



Essentials — The Daypack

Essentials — The Daypack