“It has been determined that in as little as an hour after the devastating news about the shooting in Parkland, Florida broke across US news last week, Russian bots mobilized in response…”

Americans in London

I woke up, overjoyed, at 08:30 — I didn’t feel exactly better, but at least I didn’t feel worse. As a precaution, I still had my now-customary dose of two Waitrose vitamin-b tablets before rushing out the door.

Brutalist Wonderland

We were up at 07:20, refreshed and ready. We’d slept like rocks, full of Indian food — but the promise of the day made me jump out of bed. It was the first official day — our first day of the trip.

Eavesdropping on Humanity

Interactions with humanity are the great unplanned part of traveling — the people who serve you, the people you bump into on the train, the people you observe out of the corner of your eye as you eat dinner.

LeCC — In Transit

I'm currently sitting in our dining room, our bags all packed behind me — and this is on the stereo. We've been up since 05:00 to pre-adjust to London time (which I highly recommend), and almost everything is ready for the trip.

Journeys with Demons

Demons follow you everywhere. They manifest themselves in different ways — anxiety, angst, depression, rage, sadness... These demons follow you on your journeys, just on your shoulder, ready to chat into your ear when something unexpected occurs.